• Delvar Afzar

Affiliated Companies


Delvar Afzar Industrial Group currently consists of 18 companies. Each of the affiliated companies are serving the Iranian industry and economy in a specialized field including design, construction and installation of ASUs, production, design and manufacturing of industrial and petrochemical equipment, distribution of different types of industrial gases, construction of PSA and VPSA plants, carrying out the civil engineering and installation for different projects, supply of the equipment and machinery required for industrial units, design and development of computer networks, mass construction of residential and administrative buildings, construction of LNG units, etc.

Projects of the Company


Delvar Afzar Industrial Group has completed numerous projects in different fields such as construction, engineering, installation, etc. in different parts of Iran from the beginning of its activity. Fajr Project aimed at construction of two air separation units (ASU), Ilam Project aimed at manufacturing of 16 pressure hydrogen storage tanks and Lordegan aimed at manufacturing of pressure tanks for Ammonia and Urea Unit can be mentioned among them. At present, in line with carrying out the project for design and construction of LNG units, this industrial group has the project for separation of Helium from natural gas in its agenda. 

Our Business Partners


Delvar Afzar Industrial Group is cooperating with a number of reputable foreign companies in carrying out its projects including Linde from Germany for construction of ASUs, Cryonorm Projects in the field of construction of LNG plants, CMP from France for manufacturing of flat-bottom tanks, Bertsch from Austria in the field of manufacturing of high pressure tanks, SBN Company in the field of manufacturing high voltage equipment and Crown Support Company in the field of supply of the equipment for petrochemical, oil and gas units.